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ewe / овца
имя существительное
sheep, ewe, jumbuck, mutton
имя существительное
a female sheep.
Even the family pet let loose in the countryside can cause great distress to sheep, including pregnant ewes and lambs.
имя существительное
a member of a people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.
If genuinely free elections were permitted, power would inevitably shift towards tribes in the South, predominantly the Ewe .
the Kwa language of the Ewe.
While most publications in the Ghanaian and Ghanaian American communities are written in English, some are also written in the Twi dialects of Asante, Fante, and Akwapim and in other languages such as Ewe , Ga, Dagbane, and Nzema.
имя прилагательное
relating to the Ewe or their language.
Debates surround the term kente, which is traced by some to the Ewe language, by others to Asante and Fante terms.
A ewe suckling two lambs growing at 0.3 kg per day is as productive as a dairy cow yielding 30 litres of milk per day.
The couple had kept a flock of sheep in that particular field, 30 ewes and two rams to be exact.
A farmer has threatened to shoot any dogs he sees on his land after four ewes with lambs were injured and one killed in a late-night attack.
With the ewe numbers hovering around 200, it looks as though we shall be selling the ewes back in the sheep market.
Marauding dogs massacred ewes in lamb in Aramoho at the weekend.
A mid season lambing flock of 240 ewes is also run with the cattle enterprise.
They have about 1,000 ewes plus lambs between them and are anxiously watching them for signs of the disease.
Some viewers complained about the mustering of pregnant ewes and newborn lambs.
Some of the sheep, mostly ewes , were in shock and had to be carried via a human chain from the lorry.
Although many ewes have already dropped their lambs, some producers have ewes lambing through to August.