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evolve / развиваться, эволюционировать, развивать
develop, evolve, progress, expand, advance, move
develop, evolve, cultivate, expand, elaborate, exercise
develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
the company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer
give off (gas or heat).
Tertiary amines dissolve in nitrous acid without evolving any gas.
the populations are cut off from each other and evolve independently
each school must evolve its own way of working
The chemical reactions by which they do this evolve gas, which is why peas and beans cause wind.
Above 1500°F water vapor and the metal combine to form the oxide and evolve hydrogen.
each school must evolve its own way of working
The linkage between genes and behaviour is clear, but it did not evolve by natural selection.
Over millions of years these organisms would develop, adapt and evolve into newly created organisms.
Not one word is said about how single cells could evolve into a multiple-celled organism.
Dimerization is usually required for proteins to evolve oligomeric proteins.
If all organisms evolved from a single common ancestor, what do these groups actually represent?