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evoke / вызывать, вызывать чувства
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, evoke
вызывать чувства
bring or recall to the conscious mind.
the sight of American asters evokes pleasant memories of childhood
invoke (a spirit or deity).
To evoke the Deities, raise the clasped hands to the center of the forehead.
It captures honest moments of weirdness, but it also manipulates images and music to evoke emotion.
It's going to the edge to spontaneously improvise and evoke the inner spirit.
Note that if you do choose to evoke the deity, you will enter a Gnostic trance and you may therefore forget what happened while you were under the trance.
Clearly, these kinds of images of the miserable at play will evoke horror in the minds of every sane person.
Is it possible the movie set out to evoke a cinematic response in the spectator to mimic the characters' internal quandaries?
In subjects with reduced androgen levels, stimuli that normally evoke a stress response are significantly less potent.
A second argument holds that a modified procedure might evoke negative responses in patients, leading to a decreased willingness to participate in future research.
The narration, music and images combined to evoke fear and loathing in my impressionable pre-teen mind!
The number of stimuli per 10-sec stimulation train that failed to evoke any muscular response was recorded.
Stress related factors might also influence interpretations of abuse, and evoke different responses in the victims of abuse.