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evocative / вызывающий воспоминания, восстанавливающий в памяти
имя прилагательное
вызывающий воспоминания
evocative, reminiscent, redolent, remindful
восстанавливающий в памяти
имя прилагательное
bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.
powerfully evocative lyrics
He gathered the dust near the site, and used it to create a hauntingly evocative piece.
I thought it made an evocative image and leaned into the open with my camera.
With little traffic on the roads, travelling by bike remains one of the most evocative ways to explore South America.
Sarah, 23, aims to bring back evocative memories for anyone with a passion for musicals.
As death draws near, evocative , atmospheric images are offered up to the reader.
The remixes here sample the evocative hooks and then simply loop them without the progression that is so much a part of most of his output.
Being the best, the stories are in the most vivid and evocative style of narration.
Much has been made of the evocative power of this Icelandic quartet.
Expect an evocative journey into the heart of darkness where the sins of the past are revisited in the present.
Now new generations can become acquainted with this powerful, evocative and moving story.