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eviscerate / лишать содержания, выхолащивать, потрошить птицу
лишать содержания
dilute, emasculate, castrate, eviscerate, render innocuous
потрошить птицу
draw a fowl, eviscerate
disembowel (a person or animal).
the goat had been skinned and neatly eviscerated
Too bad there's not a button you can press to eviscerate someone.
Please note I will be forced to eviscerate you in the process.
It was a new thing, that they could eviscerate him when they caught him.
Maybe their next challenge could be to eviscerate him with embroidery scissors and knit something out of the guy's entrails.
Rather than a lack of will, what Latin America suffers from is a set of interlocking institutional crises that eviscerate the democratic order without necessarily promoting dictatorship.
Giving ‘disposal’ passive content would eviscerate that plain purpose.
myriad little concessions that would eviscerate the project
An all-file-sharing environment would eviscerate the capital resources that make the technological development possible, and probably drive up the average cost to home-recorders considerably.
myriad little concessions that would eviscerate the project
But content owners have raised legitimate questions about the scope and effect of these measures, and concerns about whether they would eviscerate their copyright protection technologies must be addressed.