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evince / проявлять, выказывать, доказывать
show, manifest, exercise, display, demonstrate, evince
evince, signify
prove, argue, demonstrate, show, establish, evince
reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling).
his letters evince the excitement he felt at undertaking this journey
So journalists, broadcasters and politicians, and those who are often in the public eye, such as community and business leaders, wield immense power over but evince little loyalty to our language.
One thing that Grant's posts do evince is that scientific illiteracy increases the opportunities for apt marketers to take advantage of a public incapable of distinguishing between anecdote and evidence.
What's striking about many of these comments is the level of hostility they evince toward religion in general and Christianity in particular.
his letters evince the excitement he felt at undertaking this journey
What makes the new policy's promulgation politically possible is the lack of interest most Americans evince in foreign affairs, save matters of war and peace.
Laboratory mice deficient in the gene were found to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, preferring ethanol to water and evincing highly anxious behavior in a maze test.
They consistently lie to the press when talking about security, as evinced again and again by their actions.
The change from first person singular to plural evinces his embarrassment.
On the other hand, a bad idea remains exactly that, no matter how well it is evinced in a story.
The garage is underlit, with a low-slung ceiling and construction that evinces the massive weight first of the cement slabwork and then of the floors and earth above.