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evildoer / грешник, преступник
имя существительное
sinner, transgressor, wrongdoer, evildoer
criminal, offender, culprit, perpetrator, delinquent, evildoer
имя существительное
a person who commits profoundly immoral and malevolent deeds.
It's a dangerous world out there; hordes of fanatical evildoers are bent on committing unspeakable crimes against us.
Our condemnation of her deed notwithstanding, we respect an evildoer by calling her evil because we are treating her as a responsible being.
He could often solve murders before they occurred: it then became merely a matter of stationing an officer where he could observe the foul deed and apprehend the evildoer .
Corporate evildoing is not exceptional behaviour: rather, it is the norm.
Somehow, magically, these evildoers coerce the young to commit suicide.
And while refusing to confirm or deny that it's going on, the White House insists only evildoers need fear government eavesdroppers.
After church, everyone simply resumed to their lives, their lives of interminable evildoing ; just as if nothing happened.
There are a good people down there and in the midst of them are a handful of evildoers .
‘We should try to understand the psychology of evildoers ,’ he said.
As you fight the evildoers , your movements are magnified by the software, so you appear to be as fantastic a fighter as any fantasy video game character.
Personally I like to contemplate the future with apocalyptic details and morbid fantasies involving corporate evildoers and wildlife.