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evidence / данные, свидетельство, доказательство
имя существительное
data, information, evidence, records, facts, record
certificate, evidence, testimony, witness, document, attestation
evidence, proof, testimony, argument, demonstration, witness
testify, witness, evidence, bear witness to, attest, point
служить доказательством
evidence, demonstrate, witness, manifest
prove, argue, demonstrate, show, establish, evidence
имя существительное
the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.
the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination
be or show evidence of.
that it has been populated from prehistoric times is evidenced by the remains of Neolithic buildings
there was no obvious evidence of a break-in
At the moment it appears that workers do not have to provide evidence of their belief.
There is a difference between something being true and there being evidence .
criminal evidence
the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination
This pattern is consistent within the whole body of evidence in the present study.
There is no evidence to suggest whether the sniffers are local or are from outside the area.
Major studies based on a growing body of evidence show that pesticides are not safe.
As a scientist, I would ask him to present some credible evidence for this belief.
the evidence suggests she was right