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everywhere / везде, всюду, повсюду
everywhere, anywhere, everyplace, passim, about
everywhere, around, anywhere, anyplace
everywhere, throughout, all over, overall, far and wide, wide
in or to all places.
I've looked everywhere
имя существительное
all places or directions.
everywhere was in darkness
The low-velocity zone occurs almost everywhere , except perhaps under cratonic areas.
It is the prayerful longing of people everywhere for universal peace and fraternity.
The union flag was everywhere and all the Commonwealth flags were out.
As it says on office walls everywhere , the boss isn't always right, but he's always the boss.
They are a common bird in Florida and they can be seen everywhere nesting on telegraph poles.
The laws against the Jews were not, however, everywhere the same, nor were they always fully enforced.
But now it's got to the stage where people don't mention it at all because it's just everywhere .
everywhere she went she was feted
There is a growing consensus, everywhere except Downing Street, that this is the way forward.
They were everywhere and, yes, many different styles, but always brown and blue.