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everything / все
all, everything, everyone, everybody, anything, the lot
имя существительное
все самое важное
heap, pile, stack, jumble, peck, everything
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, everything
all things; all the things of a group or class.
he taught me everything I know
the current situation; life in general.
how's everything?
beauty isn't everything
They were so fast acting and that alone is enough to make you feel like everything will be okay.
everything looked hopeless after that
With the edges aligned, the stapler is then used to fasten everything together at the top left corner.
To tie everything together, the soundtrack brings to life the entire adventure.
he taught me everything I know
It was my first cookery book and taught me everything I know about cookery in the tropics.
money isn't everything
The plot centres around a man who is so lucky everything goes his way - money, girls and a fast car.
how's everything?