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everyone / все, каждый, всякий
all, everything, everyone, everybody, anything, the lot
each, every, everyone, everybody
any, everyone, anyone, everybody, anybody
every person.
everyone needs time to unwind
each one.
He commemorated the event by kissing every one of the female members of the European party he could find.
He's spent a big portion of the week shouting at everyone so much that they all hate him.
We won't stick it up on the notice board so everyone can have a laugh at what a plonker you are.
Back in the dressing room, everyone agrees that this was the best gig of the tour so far.
She was a very nice lady and it's a very sad loss for everyone and especially her family.
he knew everyone in the business
The trouble with plans is that you have to put something down on paper for everyone to see.
We want everyone to enjoy and appreciate them and for them to be better looked after.
everyone needs time to unwind
They are all quite alike, but there is one tiny one and everyone is quite soppy about it.
The meetings are open to everyone and the public are able to speak and to ask questions.