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everyday / повседневный, каждодневный, бытовой
имя прилагательное
everyday, daily, casual, workaday, undress, day-to-day
everyday, daily
domestic, everyday, common
имя прилагательное
happening or used every day; daily.
everyday chores like shopping and housework
each day; daily.
I get up at six every day
That's possibly because there were more people in my everyday life back then.
It may be an everyday miracle but that doesn't decrease the wonder of it, not for me.
It takes a special kind of person to excel in a job where reminders of human frailty are an everyday occurrence.
Make sure there are four spoons on your dinner plate everyday .
It also occurs in the everyday and informal discourse through which we construct our daily lives.
She was unable to carry out the simplest everyday chores and had had to abandon her previous job as a food hawker.
The week has been launched to celebrate the car and the vital contribution it makes to our everyday lives.
In fact, I had a note exchange with someone who parked their bike near mine everyday .
Getting into the habit of drinking water, lots of water, everyday is important.
How many times does something happen in everyday life that seems like a terrible tragedy?