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evermore / навсегда, навеки
forever, for ever, in perpetuity, forevermore, evermore, for keeps
(chiefly used for rhetorical effect or in ecclesiastical contexts) always.
we pray that we may evermore dwell in him and he in us
Families are enduring evermore stresses and strains.
This is an alarming and dangerous practice, especially as the evermore financially successful cranks now employ well-produced TV ads and huge billboards and posters employing popular movie actors.
I for one have always promoted our need to become evermore involved in governmental affairs at all levels.
If victimisation's grip over artists like him is moot, maybe its ability to regiment society evermore is defective as well.
we pray that we may evermore dwell in him and he in us
Me, I suspect they are growing evermore desperate to retrospectively ‘justify’ their war, as the fruits of it grow more tragic, disastrous and perhaps even strategically-catastrophic for America.
Thus, both band and fans grew alike together in their musical education, and are bound evermore in a swirling mutual appreciation of the smaller person's universe.
I shall create grandchildren in his image to remind you evermore .
It's not difficult to see why magazines are turning to evermore aggressive retail tactics.
This control of minutiae, of the void, and of the illusion of representation presented as the control of ‘nothing,’ is what determines and shapes our relationship within an evermore digitized society.