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eventful / богатый событиями, полный событий
имя прилагательное
богатый событиями
полный событий
eventful, red-blooded
имя прилагательное
marked by interesting or exciting events.
his long and eventful life
However, it is probably fair to say they have been four of the most eventful years in the club's history.
Today was one of those eventful and interesting days that we read about in novels and cheap self help books.
It's been a long and eventful past few months, full of everything that one expects summer to offer.
Coupled with a sizeable thunderstorm drifting overhead just now, it's been quite an eventful afternoon.
Enforcing follow-on was the right decision It has been an eventful Test match so far.
In general, I like my Diplomacy games to be fast, violent affairs with compressed action and eventful play.
She continued to have a happy but eventful life, using her nine lives to the full.
But in the end, it was an eventful journey for all those who dared to participate.
All in all, it had been an eventful walk on a sunny, frosty, December morning.
It has been an eventful first few weeks for the new ambassador.