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evening / вечер, вечеринка, закат жизни
имя существительное
evening, night, soiree, eve, even, reception
party, evening, reception, soiree, entertainment, rave
закат жизни
downhill of life, fall of the leaf, evening
имя прилагательное
evening, night, vespertine, extramural, afterdark
имя существительное
the period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 6 p.m. to bedtime.
it was seven o'clock in the evening
in the evening; every evening.
Saturday evenings he invariably fell asleep
All the ladies wore evening dress - they had been helped to make their own.
There have been reports of women at parties who wake up wearing no clothes and with no memory of the previous evening 's events.
Then allocate work to do in all your free periods and in the evening .
These were virtually court occasions, and guests indeed wore court dress, not evening dress.
Lace is very popular on its own or as trimming - expect to see it worn during the day and used as an overlay for evening dresses.
This evening 's event in the Kings Hall is already sold out.
they could have a relaxing evening
Everyone then comes together for a nice meal in the evening and we're all in bed by 10 pm catching up on our sleep.
A complete food service was provided late in the evening after night flying.
The 100 back seemed to serve as a great warm-up for her main event of the evening .