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even-handed / беспристрастный, справедливый
имя прилагательное
candid, impartial, unbiased, fair, dispassionate, even-handed
fair, just, equitable, right, righteous, even-handed
имя прилагательное
fair and impartial in treatment or judgment.
an even-handed approach
I think the analysis presented here was pretty even-handed .
Despite my attempts to be even-handed , islanders deeply resented an outsider ‘passing judgment’, as they saw it.
The pace is unhurried, the treatment is even-handed , and the effect is fascinating.
The letters page commentaries are merely one means to ensure an even-handed debate and a helpful facility for those without an immediate political platform.
Try as I might to be even-handed about Edinburgh, I can't.
Reporting should be dispassionate and news judgements based on the need to give viewers an even-handed account of events.
Obligations to kin, he believed, precluded working in the required impersonal and even-handed way.
That places a special burden on us to be fair and even-handed in our coverage of news organizations that are not independently owned.
Because the Scottish parliament has no second chamber, the committees must act as an even-handed forum to ensure that legislation is fair and foolproof.
Public sector strategies attempt to be fair, even-handed , and consistent when judged by all those who are entitled to the benefits of the service.