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evasive / уклончивый, уклоняющийся, неуловимый
имя прилагательное
evasive, elusive, noncommittal, tortuous, indirect, circumlocutional
evasive, amphibological
elusive, subtle, intangible, evasive, imponderable, vague
имя прилагательное
tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, especially by responding only indirectly.
she was evasive about her phone number
The most simple of questions elicited a long, complex and essentially evasive response in many, many instances.
Singletons living the good life may one day be forced to move back home with mum and dad unless they take evasive action now, a report warns.
The aim is for them to see you and to take evasive action.
A dozen people suffered minor injuries after a lorry jack-knifed on an icy M62 which caused cars to take evasive action.
Regulations that limit choice or impose costs on people invite evasive responses as much as compliant ones, sometimes more so.
My evasive answer didn't seem to satisfy him and he kept his grip on my arm.
That gave very little time for either driver to take evasive action.
The defendant tried to take evasive action, but lost control.
The responses were less than evasive and way more engaging, to say the least.
If this seems frustratingly elusive or evasive , remember the truth is always relative