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evasion / уклонение, бегство, увертка
имя существительное
evasion, avoidance, dodge, departure, elusion, error
escape, flight, getaway, stampede, evasion, bolt
subterfuge, evasion, dodge, quip, quibble, shuffle
имя существительное
the action of evading something.
their adroit evasion of almost all questions
We plotted our methods of evasion like we were planning a covert military operation, carefully mapping out alternate routes of entry and exit.
Yet the book is a heavy volume of historic narcissism - a magnum opus of upper-class vainglory and scrupulous evasion .
Most were suspected of draft evasion , desertion, or sabotage.
Sound tax reforms entail effective broadening of the tax base at all levels of government, including through checking evasion and avoidance.
It is often difficult to distinguish avoidance from evasion .
But this evasion of conflict still remained a problem.
their adroit evasion of almost all questions
When I fled to Britain and claimed asylum in 2003, the Home Office acknowledged I could be jailed for a period of three months to five years for draft evasion .
Elsewhere opposition parties including the Greens, Fine Gael and Labour condemned the former catalogue of fraud and evasion exposed in the report.
The difference between the avoidance and evasion has been described by the British Revenue as ‘the width of a prison wall’.