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evaporate / испаряться, испарять, выпаривать
evaporate, vaporize, volatilize, vapor, dissolve, transpire
evaporate, vaporize, volatilize
evaporate, digest, steam, boil down, concentrate
turn from liquid into vapor.
cook until most of the liquid has evaporated
Because of their heavier weight, heavy water molecules evaporate less readily than light water molecules.
My point is that it bothers me that so many things we were assured of before and during the war seem to evaporate in its wake.
In this case, the liquid will eventually evaporate completely.
The good will that existed in the wake of a closely fought contest seems to evaporate .
If it is too hot, the liquid will evaporate not absorb.
In this case, the liquid or solid will eventually evaporate or sublimate completely.
this gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture
this gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture
Urey's approach was to collect a large volume of liquid hydrogen and then to allow that liquid to evaporate very slowly.
The heat of vaporization is the heat that is absorbed to transform a substance from its liquid state to its vapor, that is, to boil or evaporate the liquid substance completely.