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evade / уклоняться, увернуться, избегать
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, deviate
dodge, evade
avoid, shun, escape, evade, steer clear of, eschew
escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery.
friends helped him to evade capture for a time
Businesses seek to evade what are perceived as unacceptably high taxes or overly restrictive regulations; mafia groups thrive by providing a means for them to do so.
Farmers are more likely to evade tax than any other group.
friends helped him to evade capture for a time
Percy, determined to evade capture once more, somehow escaped to Marseilles.
Lower taxes give earners less reason to avoid and evade tax, and more reason to put in extra effort.
Poetry cannot escape ideology nor can evade the class struggle since the latter indirectly or more directly inform the poet's political and artistic consciousness.
Furthermore, clever legislators can readily evade a constitutional rule that depends on finding evidence of an illicit purpose.
The point is that there is no practical way to evade taxes on real property.
If a bank official knew or ought to have known that a customer was using an account to evade tax, he or she is accountable under the law.
Parliamentary question time is full of wonderful examples of extended verbs, conjunctions and prepositional phrases employed to evade answering a question.