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evacuate / эвакуировать, эвакуироваться, откачивать
evacuate, clear
remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place.
several families were evacuated from their homes
remove air, water, or other contents from (a container).
when it springs a leak, evacuate the pond
If someone looks like a man and has a man's build, that person may just have to evacuate his/her bladder and bowels in the men's room.
When a Gastrografin enema is unsuccessful, laparotomy is indicated to evacuate the obstructing meconium by enterotomy irrigation.
when it springs a leak, evacuate the pond
nearly five million had to evacuate because of air terror
All animals, including humans, have to evacuate their bowels.
An estimated almost 2 million people left the Houston area under orders to evacuate their city and the surrounding suburbs.
fire alarms forced staff to evacuate the building
Smoke management systems may also be employed, especially where occupants are unable to evacuate the zone of fire origin, as may happen in a detention facility.
Views are obtained with the patient at rest, squeezing to defer a bowel movement, and straining to evacuate the rectum.
Nothing too wrong with that you may say, but he insists on stopping outside my house to allow his dog to evacuate its bowels.