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ev / электрон-вольт
имя существительное
an electric vehicle.
most EVs are capable of quick acceleration
Yet by the early 1990s, hopes for a mass market in EVs were short-circuited by limited battery life.
The real problem is the lack of availability of EVs which is enforced by the major car manufacturers.
But even if the Jersey test is a complete success, it will still be some years before EVs fill the show rooms.
Most EVs plug into a standard 110-volt wall socket for overnight charging.
In California, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District shades its parking lot with solar-electric panels, which provide power for its mixed fleet of EVs .
Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are light-duty EVs designed primarily for streets, not highways.
Indeed, the island is almost tailor-made for EVs .
EVs are easily three to four times more efficient than internal combustion engines.
There is now a flurry of activity in Electric Vehicle (EV) development, with probable volume production of EVs by around 2011-2012.
What today's consumer resistance to pure EVs tells us is that consumers are not willing to plan their days around the limitations of their vehicles.