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euro / евро
имя существительное
имя существительное
the single European currency, which replaced the national currencies of France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 2002. Seventeen member states of the European Union now use the euro.
It has been years now since much of Europe abandoned national currencies for the euro .
the common wallaroo (see wallaroo ).
имя прилагательное
European, especially concerned with the European Union.
he voted with the government in the Euro debate
European; European and ….
I bought my digital camera upon landing in the States for several hundred euro cheaper than Ireland.
The German mark was introduced as a parallel currency to the Yugoslav dinar and then the euro .
The rocketing value of the euro against the dollar means interest rates will not rise this year.
Britain has been skittish in the extreme about abandoning pound sterling for the euro .
They have all been influenced by the unexpected surge in the value of the euro against the dollar.
The Dutch greeted the euro with a national party, champagne at bank queues and general merriment.
He blames the continued strength of sterling against other currencies, particularly the euro .
From the change in the exchange rate, it is not possible to make any inferences about the value of the dollar or the euro .
And next February the Irish punt will cease to be legal tender when it is replaced by the euro .
My view is that the pound moves more closely with the dollar than with the euro .