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eureka / Эврика!
a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.
There's nothing like the eureka moment of discovering something that no one knew before.
имя существительное
a port city in northwestern California, on Humboldt Bay off the Pacific Ocean, a noted lumbering center; population 25,300 (est. 2008).
As he claimed descent from kings, the priesthood, under the threat of being put to the sword, no doubt, confirmed his rights to the throne of Persia, and eureka !
The technology made for some interesting eureka moments.
So I decided to visit the Imperial War Museum and was invited into the private reading room to research the books and, eureka !
I don't know that there will have been a eureka moment for string theory in the same way, so that there will be a specific time, but it could well be that some of the ideas of string theory.
the eureka moment for him came when he was hill-walking
Well, I had what they call a eureka moment at that time.
The novel thus can be alternately vague and eureka !
‘I think the eureka moment is a bit of a myth,’ he said.
How many of you have read a blog that: crystallises lots of thoughts and questions and uneases that have been whirling round in your head, makes you think eureka !
I've always thought that people can achieve eureka moments by doodling.