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etymology / этимология
имя существительное
etymology, pedigree
имя существительное
the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.
Based on a rough study of etymology , these words for big numbers were popularized in 17th-century France and were based on the 14th-century coinage of ‘million.’
the etymology of the word ‘devil’
As a consequence of their work, 20th-century etymology is part of historical linguistics.
Certainly, in terms of understanding etymology , syntax and grammar, a classical education is a useful qualification for a lexicographer - a job that's a combination of logic, aesthetics and problem-solving.
Historians and linguists argue about its etymology , but it was possibly used as a folk name referring to northern territories.
So words carry memories which can be traced through etymology .
I share with Boshoff an interest in etymology , taxonomy and language (I don't claim to have anywhere near his kind of knowledge on the subjects though), but I didn't feel as fascinated by the work in reality as in theory.
It is difficult to explain why well-bred people avoid certain words and expressions that are admitted by etymology and grammar.
He studied at the Polytechnic College and graduated with a degree in etymology , the study of words, and now claims to have a vocabulary of around 22,000 words.
the decline of etymology as a linguistic discipline
His university lectures on etymology and linguistics were standing room only, and he invariably stayed late to answer a barrage of questions.