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etiolated / этиолированный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a plant) pale and drawn out due to a lack of light.
etiolated mung bean seedlings
It is found in leaves, etiolated tissues, seeds, roots, fruits, and tubers in the chloroplast as well as in the cytosol.
Although expression of carotenoid genes does occur in etiolated plants, their synthesis is stimulated on transfer to light.
Small amounts of such products have been observed by other groups in protein samples from etiolated barley and wheat seedlings.
Exposure of etiolated cereal leaves to red light results in unrolling.
Flowering continues but decreases through at least three seasons without burning; in long unburned sites, plants are etiolated and flower rarely if at all.
He felt etiolated and unkempt.
Apart from an elongated waist which gave him the look of the etiolated shadow of a much taller man, he was not altogether bad looking.
These plants continued to grow without light and developed new etiolated leaves.
Because of etiolation and necrosis, control seedlings were harvested after 90 days, the root systems washed with distilled water and plants dried at 60°C to constant weight.
Robustness, based on above-ground biomass/seedling height, was used as an indicator of the sturdiness of seedlings and may be regarded as the inverse of etiolation .