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ethology / этология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the science of animal behavior.
In the mid-twentieth century, better methods and better models of natural selection drove the field of animal behavior back to ethology .
In 1965 Goodall earned her Ph.D. in ethology (the study of animal behavior) from England's Cambridge University.
Patrick Bateson is professor of ethology at the University of Cambridge's zoology department, of which he has also been head.
That passion propelled Luis Baptista through life and into an amazing career that would illuminate many aspects of bird song, spanning the disciplines of ethology , systematics, and conservation.
I've had the good fortune to be involved as a researcher in opening three different doors onto the problem of consciousness: through neuropsychology, ethology and aesthetics.
This is an interesting finding and it will be a while till we see how it translates from ethology to human sexual psychology.
Our hypothesis accords with classical ethology insofar as the emphasis is on stimulation, but it rests on reproductive conflict and manipulation rather than on cooperation.
This intellectual travelogue takes readers on a tour through ethology , the scientific discipline focusing on animal behavior.
Research by Bekoff and others - in fields ranging from ethology to neurobiology - is beginning to provide scientific support for the notion that animals feel a wide range of emotions.
The merger of all three traditions influences evolutionary psychology - evolutionary ethology , contextual learning psychology and modular cognitive psychology.
She had her papers published in top scientific journals and Leakey got her a place at Cambridge to write a PhD thesis in ethology - the study of animal behaviour.