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ethnocentric / этноцентричны
имя прилагательное
evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one's own culture.
The first generation of western historians to address the western environment as an agent in shaping the region reflected the ethnocentric preconceptions of their time.
Nevertheless, many highly ethnocentric societies are not racist.
Such ethnocentric representation of the indigenous and the aboriginal suggests the poet's lack of sympathy with her environment - that is, her estrangement.
This does help to counter a traditional overemphasis on western societies and an ethnocentric bias in the treatment of other societies.
However, while I succeeded in producing a space for the validation of local voices, I am less certain that this in any way challenged parochial and ethnocentric perspectives.
I wonder when you will see fit to take our government's ethnocentric and intolerant activities to task?
Such examination and subsequent awareness is not always easy because people have a tendency to be blind to their bias or ethnocentric perspectives.
We assert that it is culturally ethnocentric and logically absurd to relegate a universal phenomenon to the pathological domain.
We are proudly independent, ethnocentric , xenophobic, and nativistic, he argued, while showing off his flashy vocabulary.
Teaching American history - our common story - as opposed to group-identity history, is rejected as ethnocentric and jingoistic.
For we are exemplifying the attitude we claim to despise; we would rather die than be ethnocentric , but ethnocentrism is precisely the conviction that one would rather die than share certain beliefs.