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ethanol / этиловый спирт
имя существительное
этиловый спирт
The ethanol is oxidized first into an aldehyde and then to acetic acid by the oxygen in the atmosphere.
The company will also release four vehicles that can run on fuel-efficient ethanol next year.
One possible explanation for these exceptional findings might be contamination of the ethanol with a mutagen.
Now a mixture of five percent ethanol is permitted and the proportion is likely to double in coming years.
He was found to have a concentration of 216 mg of ethanol in his blood.
The regime put in place has benefited and will continue to benefit a company that produces ethanol from grain.
Alcohol, or ethanol , to give it its chemical name, creates a poisonous substance called acetaldehyde.
Mr Beattie says the partnership will hopefully encourage fuel users to convert to ethanol .
The world's other major biofuel is ethanol , a form of alcohol already widely used as a fuel additive.
The residual ethanol was evaporated by spreading out the solid on a sheet of filter paper.