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eternal / вечный, извечный, бесконечный
имя прилагательное
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, timeless, perennial, ageless
eternal, ageless, uncaused, unbegun
endless, infinite, unending, perpetual, interminable, eternal
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.
the secret of eternal youth
Or are Americans simply this world's eternal optimists?
People are always searching for the secret to eternal youth.
But on the other hand, the eternal question is: can we blame these people for not bothering?
To put it in terms of Hegel's own image: to understand God's eternal essence before the creation of the world is to understand the basis on which the world was created.
I can't afford to pay anything, but you'll have my eternal gratitude and maybe I could knit you something.
He waited eternal seconds as Jordan stared down at him.
The idea seems to be that while I have free will, I will nevertheless be punished with eternal and unspeakable suffering if I turn away from God.
And does it make sense to renounce the world in search of eternal truth?
The 61-year-old, still an eternal optimist, believes he can turn adversity to his advantage.
He invested his time to serve God's purpose and pursue things with eternal value.