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estuary / устье реки, эстуарий, дельта
имя существительное
устье реки
estuary, mouth, creek, firth, lade, issue
delta, estuary
имя существительное
the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream.
The turtles spend most of their lives in mangrove-lined tidal estuaries , where rivers flow into the sea.
The wide estuary of the River Tay on the east coast of Scotland presented a formidable obstacle to transport.
We'd spent the night on an old trawler bobbing around in the estuary of the river.
The picturesque coastal village of Arnside sits on the estuary of the River Kent where it flows into Morecambe Bay.
Black-bellied Plovers winter on sandy beaches and estuarine mud flats around the world.
The Hiberno-Norse towns were all located at trans-shipment points on the upper tidal estuaries of the larger Irish river systems.
The flounder is common in estuaries and the tidal waters of rivers, and especially abundant in the Baltic Sea.
Saltwater crocodiles living in river estuaries are generally bigger and tend to more aggressive towards people.
As all life depends upon water we must care for it and do all we can to protect groundwaters, rivers, estuaries and seas.
You'd have to point to the staggering environmental cost of this development, the degradation of almost every aspect of life - air, water, estuarial life, forestry, grasslands.
During migration and winter, they inhabit beaches, mudflats, shallow estuaries , and inlets.