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estimator / оценщик, оценочная функция
имя существительное
appraiser, valuer, estimator, rater
оценочная функция
имя существительное
a rule, method, or criterion for arriving at an estimate of the value of a parameter.
As discussed above, they both have shortcoming as estimators of reliability.
a person who estimates the price, value, number, quantity, or extent of something.
How can its estimators obtain pricing for the many items they are going to need?
For both types of nests, daily survival rates and standard errors were calculated using the maximum-likelihood estimator of Bart and Robson.
This is based on an analytical relationship between the expected value of the estimator and its real value.
Just which initial choice an estimator makes depends to some extent on the type of estimate they are performing and the type of client they serve.
He explained that his work as chief estimator is different from that of junior estimator, to the extent that when he was a junior estimator the senior partners Emmons & Mitchell were watching his work closely.
While the estimator doesn't know the price of parts for my bike, and will let the shop determine that, he figures it'll be around $800 to fix everything.
For huge amounts of input data, the maximum likelihood estimator cannot be evaluated.
In contrast, the likelihood estimator maintains a low standard error across the full range of conditions.
It is also possible to use a similar approach to derive estimators for parameters that are relevant on the bulk sample scale, not the single-molecule scale.
As discussed above, they both have shortcoming as estimators of reliability.
Conversely, cost estimators are based on averages or generalizations that do not take into account the individual management abilities of a farm.