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estimation / оценка, расчет, подсчет
имя существительное
assessment, evaluation, rating, estimate, estimation, appraisal
calculation, account, estimation, computation, design, accounting
count, counting, estimation, account, cast
имя существительное
a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.
estimations of protein concentrations
the pop star rose in my estimation
Instead, right-to-die advocates project their own gloomy estimation of the worth of human life on to these poor souls.
the pop star rose in my estimation
Such shrewdness is based on a full knowledge and estimation of any situation.
The Bench examined Sergeant Henderson's watch and decided that the defendant was wrong in his estimation of its value.
As I contemplate this revelation, the character improves in my estimation .
He has far too exalted an estimation of human reason and far too optimistic a view of human nature.
Thus, the given values for wax layer thickness on leaves are rather rough estimations .
This model was developed to provide UV irradiance calculations and UVI estimations with high accuracy for different atmospheric, temporal and geographical conditions.
This system will support passive defense and attack operations by providing impact point predictions and launch point estimations .