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estimable / достойный уважения, ценный
имя прилагательное
достойный уважения
reputable, estimable
valuable, valued, costly, rich, essential, estimable
имя прилагательное
worthy of great respect.
Our estimable reader Stanley Black sent me these comments and asked for my response.
Maureen was a very estimable lady whose outgoing, sincere nature and great depth of human kindness marked her out as a true Christian and an excellent, thoughtful neighbour.
Now, estimable and engaging though he is, Tony Jones is 64 years old and does not represent the future of the party.
Scottish Television's flagship news programme, the estimable Scotland Today, has a website which sadly strips all the glamour away from television news.
But the thought recurs that his brother, Martin, attained an estimable eighth place in the men's downhill at the same venue in 1988.
There are, in fact, too many estimable restaurants in Moscow & St. Petersburg for me to say that I've eaten at them all and produced the definitive listing.
If not you, then your estimable apprentice can do the research.
Our estimable reader Stanley Black sent me these comments and asked for my response.
That it has been achieved so smoothly says much about the consummate skill of Sarah Munro, the gallery's estimable and committed director.
Why are a few particularly estimable , highly intelligent women and men in very prominent positions, blind in one eye when it comes to the protection of minorities?
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