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estate / имущество, имение, поместье
имя существительное
property, estate, possessions, asset, goods, substance
estate, property, domain, country seat, hacienda, stead
estate, manor, property, country seat, acre
имя существительное
an area or amount of land or property, in particular.
And when Martha Raye died three years later, she left most of her multi-million dollar estate to him, not to her only child.
a class or order regarded as forming part of the body politic, in particular (in Britain), one of the three groups constituting Parliament, now the Lords Spiritual (the heads of the Church), the Lords Temporal (the peerage), and the Commons. They are also known as the three estates.
If they really did that, we would simply have to say: ‘We, the judges, are an independent estate of the realm and it's not open to the legislature to put us out of business.’
a particular state, period, or condition in life.
programs for the improvement of man's estate
Once there, the Queen was placed in a chair of estate , facing the high altar.
However they might differ on other issues, all the reformers vigorously defended the honourable estate of matrimony.
Bourgade is a working wine estate with 54 acres of vineyards.
The cause of action is deemed to have subsisted before the death, allowing the claimant to sue the estate .
The grandparents then withdraw to another house on the family estate and cultivate their own land as long as they can.
Growing up on an estate in Britain has been an unusually tough experience over the past 20 years.
Because he had no will and no family to claim his estate , his land would not be protected after his death.
The gross value of the estate was estimated at between £60,000 and £65,000.
the holy estate of matrimony
Phenomenally successful, he left an estate valued at over $100 million.