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essentially / по существу, существенным образом
по существу
substantially, essentially, in essence, basically, in substance, inherently
существенным образом
essentially, materially
used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person, thing, or situation.
essentially, they are amateurs
To say that God is timeless is essentially to say that God is located outside time.
Like most great radicals he was essentially a loner with a gift of the gab and rage in his heart.
It is essentially the same gas you might use to power a barbecue.
Going with friends is pointless because essentially casino gambling is not a team sport.
essentially, they are amateurs
It seems quite strange that what is essentially a car boot sale happens at night.
I found it sad that the success of the film essentially destroyed him and his career.
I took the view that the second and third questions were essentially questions of law.
This is essentially a rather boring trade fair designed to give people in the media a few days out of London.
It is essentially a family company that has come upon hard times.