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espouse / поддерживать, жениться, женить
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, espouse
marry, get married, espouse, pair off, take to wife, make a match
marry, marry off, wed, match, espouse, splice
echo, espouse
выдавать замуж
marry, marry off, give in marriage, wed, espouse, match
adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life).
he turned his back on the modernism he had espoused in his youth
Edward had espoused the Lady Grey
Many of the island's inhabitants, who share only a handful of surnames, espouse stern Baptist beliefs, one of which is that dancing is the devil's work.
Some of the groups, the government fears, espouse beliefs that pose a direct challenge to its authority.
That policy is to stop attacking countries that don't espouse Western values, and leave them to evolve in their own way at their own rate.
Gore has said that his new network will not espouse any particular political beliefs.
The conservatives staunchly supported it and espoused centralism versus federalism.
Psychologists espousing postmodernist views have adopted a similar position concerning scientific objectivity, recognizing the socially constructed nature of psychological knowledge.
David espoused the belief that change and progress in medical practice could only be achieved from the inside and that to make it happen was always better than waiting for it to happen.
The constructivist approach to education espouses the belief that children are capable learners with many questions, ideas, feelings, and theories about their world.
At the outset, I must state that I am a Christian who firmly espouses the tenets of creation science.
I am not espousing a political philosophy; I am espousing a decision-making methodology.