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esplanade / эспланада, площадка для прогулок
имя существительное
площадка для прогулок
имя существительное
a long, open, level area, typically beside the sea, along which people may walk for pleasure.
To begin though, I settle into a daily regime that involves nothing more challenging than a walk into Funchal along the esplanade , behind the squadrons of yachts in the town's marina.
If you stroll down the Kaivopuisto esplanade in Helsinki, there are some wooden benches along the harbour that look like picnic benches.
Then they went for a stroll along the beachfront esplanade .
When beach showers appeared, all that was required was a quick splash, a towel, and a comb before you rejoined the crowds on the esplanade .
The esplanade in front of Edinburgh Castle is legally owned by Nova Scotia, dating from a deal concluded by Charles I and never revoked.
But whatever your particular price range you are guaranteed a fantastic view as all apartments look over either the seafront, the harbour or the esplanade .
You can wander down a main boulevard leading to the sea-front esplanade , and the only sound is a football being bounced by children against a tree.
The esplanade on the south shore has been renovated to an extremely high standard and is used by cyclists, people walking their dogs and folk generally enjoying a stroll.
It is also an easy stroll along the esplanade to Estoril if you feel like a slight change of scene or want to lose your money at the enormous casino.
If it's sunny, there's nothing finer than grabbing a pint at one of the many open-air pubs on the esplanade and watching the world go by.
A plaza joins a public esplanade which is planned to eventually connect all of Tacoma's waterfront.