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especially / особенно, специально, главным образом
special, especially, particularly, notably, specifically, specially
specially, especially, expressly
главным образом
mainly, mostly, primarily, chiefly, principally, especially
used to single out one person, thing, or situation over all others.
he despised them all, especially Sylvester
to a great extent; very much.
he didn't especially like dancing
I'd like to thank my friends especially
sleep is especially important in growing children
he despised them all, especially Sylvester
he didn't especially like dancing
a new song, written especially for Jonathan
They said life there was boring and disorienting but not especially harsh.
In its short history America has a lot to be proud of, especially in the field of human endeavour.
When we walked into the room, he announced that he was going to sing a song especially for Micky and me.
sleep is especially important for growing children
Make sure that the coach company knows this, especially if you have to arrive at a certain time.