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especial / особенный, особый, специальный
имя прилагательное
special, particular, peculiar, especial, specific, individual
special, particular, specific, distinct, exclusive, especial
special, ad hoc, technical, express, extra, especial
имя прилагательное
better or greater than usual; special.
these traditions are of especial interest to feminists
Students and their problems were her especial concern.
Yet we feel especial guilt when our wrong-doing betrays another person's confidence.
The sections on stage antiquities and on the Athenian constitution are of especial interest to scholars.
Of the 58 homes, the 18 detached residences are attracting especial attention from buyers looking to upgrade from a three-bed semi to something more spacious and of a higher quality.
Two contributions by indigenous writers will probably be of especial interest to readers with a social or cultural anthropological background.
In his essays and prefaces to plays, poems, and translations, he comments about past and present literary practice, writing with especial care about the form and function of drama.
I value education a great deal - it is one of the great processes of life - but, like other great processes of life, I don't feel any especial reverence for it.
I give especial thanks to Jane Brown for her extraordinary help and to Tony White for years of helpful discussions.
Three features of these data are of especial interest.
It gave him especial joy, he declared, to see so many young, upstanding men in the congregation.