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escrow / условное депонирование
условное депонирование
имя существительное
a bond, deed, or other document kept in the custody of a third party, taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled.
In the late 1980's and early 90's, homebuyers routinely cancelled escrows at the mere mention of asbestos or radon gas.
place in custody or trust.
The computer storing these escrowed keys would become a primary target for both physical and cyberterrorism.
So, if you escrow your tax payment, request that duplicate copies of the bill be sent to you by the tax collector and check to make sure the bill is paid.
To ease similar concerns in the past, transacting parties required sellers to put money in escrow , indemnifying buyers against future environmental liabilities.
Players give 10 percent of each paycheck to an escrow fund.
If a vendor on the point of selling found an enforcement notice, he could either postpone exchange of contracts or put contracts in escrow until the appeal was brought.
The lender collects the payments and holds them in escrow until the taxes are due to be paid.
The Canadian company has been budgeting for damages by setting aside money in an escrow fund.
He has since refused to return either the Minute Book or the share certificates that were to be held in escrow .
Instead, deposit it in an escrow account at a reputable bank and have all checks written from that account to the agent and the county.
the board holds funds in escrow
Should you decide to borrow in Florida your lender may include property taxes in your monthly mortgage payments and put them in an escrow account on your behalf.