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eschew / избегать, сторониться, воздерживаться от
avoid, shun, escape, evade, steer clear of, eschew
eschew, avoid, steer clear of
воздерживаться от
eschew, keep from
deliberately avoid using; abstain from.
he appealed to the crowd to eschew violence
he appealed to the crowd to eschew violence
Asking that of her is far more intrusive than asking a person simply to eschew violence.
The best tribute to the Mahatma would be to eschew hatred and violence and to preach and practise brotherhood.
he appealed to the crowd to eschew violence
This is a group that eschews convention and pushes the boundaries just about as far out as they can, with mostly fascinating results.
By choosing to anchor her fiction within the realms in which most crime occurs, Mina eschews the glamorous settings of other, less realistic novels of the genre.
Writing that eschews cliché can be refined for eternity.
Coleman deliberately eschews the emotional seduction natural to the film medium.
He speaks perfect English, eschews pomp and formality and uses the Autocue to deliver his speech with a professionalism that should make other politicians envious.
On the plus side, unlike Julian and Sean Lennon, she has been smart enough to avoid direct comparisons by eschewing a musical career.