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escapee / беглец
имя существительное
fugitive, runaway, escapee, refugee, outlaw
имя существительное
a person who has escaped from somewhere, especially prison.
We try to focus primarily on missing children, dangerous prison escapees and dangerous fugitives.
One night he encounters an escapee from a concentration camp.
It's a story about a female prison escapee who will do anything to evade recapture.
The nightly news was on, showing her picture, telling how she was a prison escapee who was armed and dangerous.
The incident was sparked off at about noon by a sighting in Colchester of a prison escapee .
He is an escapee from a prison in Venezuela, where he was incarcerated for blowing up an Air Cubana passenger plane in 1976, killing 73.
They would be trying to spot and capture the escapee , who was jailed after smashing his way into a woman's home as she lay in bed.
A spokesman for the Home Office said he was an absconder rather than an escapee , as he was officially allowed out of prison on licence.
I figure they want to return the escapee to the prison.
A woman who gave birth prematurely after she was held up at gunpoint by a prison escapee has successfully sued the government for negligence.
If one child attempts to escape, the rebels force the other abducted children to kill the would-be escapee , usually with clubs or machetes.