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escape / побег, выход, бегство
имя существительное
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, getaway
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, entrance
escape, flight, getaway, stampede, evasion, bolt
run, escape, flee, race, scoot, course
break, escape, break away, break forth, shoot up, fetch away
escape, dispose of, kick, offload, liquidate, kill off
имя прилагательное
lifesaving, rescuing, escape, wrecking, salvaging
имя существительное
an act of breaking free from confinement or control.
the story of his escape from a POW camp
break free from confinement or control.
two burglars have just escaped from prison
fail to be noticed or remembered by (someone).
the name escaped him
interrupt (an operation) by means of the escape key.
A boy of 15 riding a stolen moped crashed and died while trying to escape a police car, an inquest heard yesterday.
He had been at work in one of the villages further up the coast, and was tailed by a vigilant constable as he attempted his escape .
Unfortunately, this feeling is actually an illusion, a short-lived escape from reality.
It is an enclosed box from which hazardous gases cannot escape .
A teenage motorist from Trowbridge who smashed into another car as he tried to escape police has been jailed for a year.
Jonathon knew what he wanted to say, but his pride would not let the words escape him.
She told police the attacker tied her up but that she managed to struggle free and escape into the bush.
He had tried to escape the police by hiding in a doorway in Ship Street, but was found after back-up had been called for.
a lid prevents the escape of poisonous gases
It seems yet another puppy had attempted to make an escape , this time a German Shepard pup.