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escalope / эскалоп
имя существительное
escalope, collop
имя существительное
a thin slice of meat without any bone, typically a special cut of veal from the leg that is coated, fried, and served in a sauce.
What I often like having here is the veal escalope or the Dover sole.
Anyway, we had the garlic, tomato and oregano soaked courgettes served with a pork escalope and a glass of cold Italian Chardonnay.
Instead, you can choose a venison escalope topped with wood pigeon or the west coast lobster bisque topped with a light brandy cream.
Other main courses included chicken in a white wine and mushroom sauce and breaded escalope of pork with a home-made apple sauce.
What I often like having here is the veal escalope or the Dover sole.
My partner opted for the escalope of gammon, which was served with a fried egg, chips and vegetables.
It was a hard call but escalope of pork with bacon, chick peas and celery in a tomato sauce won my vote.
Spread on one side of the escalope and grill for 10 minutes without turning.
Place a half-slice of prosciutto on each escalope , put a sage leaf on top and fasten with a cocktail stick.
Those not so keen on fish could choose from equally tempting dishes such as roast chicken in tarragon cream sauce and escalope of pork with apple chutney, cider and cream.
The choice was roast fillet of beef or seared escalope of salmon and smoked salmon.