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escalation / эскалация, обострение, расширение
имя существительное
exacerbation, escalation, exasperation, go
expansion, extension, enlargement, widening, development, escalation
имя существительное
a rapid increase; a rise.
cost escalations
Opposition leaders have also played a direct role in the escalation of violence.
Commanders have vowed no repeat of such an escalation this time around.
We felt that this was an insufficient strategy, given the continued escalation of HIV infections.
an escalation of violence
Now Turkey is threatening an escalation of the conflict.
This is down from an annual escalation rate of 3.7% for the same quarter of 2002.
That is due to the escalation in house prices.
Students are encouraged to draw conclusions about the likelihood of escalation .
Then my colleague asked a totally different question about the issue of price and the huge escalation in price since this time last year.
Clearly, the escalation of U. S. troops in Baghdad failed to meet its mission.