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escalate / обостряться, обострять, расширять
sharpen, exacerbate, aggravate, escalate, subtilize, peak
expand, extend, widen, broaden, dilate, escalate
increase rapidly.
the price of tickets escalated
we do not want to escalate the war
we do not want to escalate the war
The cost of the Games has risen to at least 6 billion euros, and many observers expect the costs to escalate even more.
Sources say they were kept quiet in order not to escalate the row with Russia.
When you've made your point and the other party has made his point, please do not escalate it to a never-ending heated discussion.
Inflation and other building costs could cause the costs to escalate if there was significant delay in construction.
Beef prices are now at a twenty-year low while costs continue to escalate .
More studies into the feasibility of a waste tunnel will cause yet more delays and cause costs to escalate further.
Therefore there is the possibility that a relatively small problem may rapidly escalate into a crisis.
In turn, the increased prices caused health costs to escalate in a vicious circle.