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erudite / эрудированный, ученый, начитанный
имя прилагательное
erudite, learned, polymathic, eggheaded
scientific, scholarly, learned, student, erudite, scholastic
read, lettered, erudite, studied, well-read, deep-read
имя существительное
erudite, polymath, egghead, generalist, polyhistorian, polyhistor
scientist, academic, scholar, savant, erudite, boffin
имя прилагательное
having or showing great knowledge or learning.
At the other pole are specialist intellectuals who are involved in erudite discussions with other intellectuals.
The speakers in translation are erudite , witty, informed, expert.
But it was gripping and clever and fantastically erudite , and people became a little obsessed.
But he is also very erudite , scholarly, and has lots of fresh ideas.
He is one of the most erudite scholars of Islam in modern times.
Third, they can be very dynamic and persuasive, even erudite and intellectual.
In this case there have been endless erudite discussions about the advantages or otherwise of the long flowing trace for plaice fishing.
The era of the erudite , intelligent thriller, it would seem, is upon us.
This was not the only reason the erudite scholar refused to engage in a debate with Norris.
The matter of UK versus US English continues to provoke erudite and informed opinion.
He is erudite , he is intelligent, and he is totally wrong when he comes to interpreting this legislation.