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erstwhile / некогда, прежде, бывало
once, at one time, in former times, sometime, erstwhile, erst
formerly, hitherto, heretofore, aforetime, erstwhile, erst
имя прилагательное
erstwhile, onetime, olden, departed, lapsed
former, old, prior, erstwhile, last, once
Mary Anderson, erstwhile the queen of America's stage
имя прилагательное
his erstwhile rivals
The stately buildings, erstwhile the abode of the honoured and wealthy of the city, are now tenanted by humble toilers, or turned into places of business.
Or is it more a question of a prime minister losing the trust of his people, including some his erstwhile friends and allies?
The future, as foreseen by Douglas Hurd, erstwhile Foreign Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, looks intriguing.
Thus it came to pass that one of the islands of the Archipelago of Bermuda, erstwhile the haunt of buccaneers, became the lair of another gang.
He assuredly bumped off a formidable array of erstwhile friends and possible rivals.
To be fair to the script writers, they have made Todd behave in a way which entitled his erstwhile friends and neighbours to complain about his conduct.
Oil money has corrupted the media and a considerable segment of erstwhile critical intellectuals.
Getting a brand that was erstwhile pushed by James Bond himself?
But there's nothing like a common enemy to get erstwhile rivals to work together.
Many of the president's erstwhile critics seem willing to give him a chance.