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ersatz / эрзац, суррогат, заменитель
имя существительное
surrogate, substitute, ersatz, imitation, sub
substitute, replacement, surrogate, ersatz, succedaneum, sub
имя прилагательное
surrogate, ersatz
имя прилагательное
(of a product) made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else.
ersatz coffee
Those two songs have proved remarkably prescient in their bogus rebellion and ersatz torment.
Gaming - sporting or otherwise - introduces a whole new set of experience and it doesn't make any difference whether they're ersatz experiences or real ones.
Today's football-related flag-flying is a pale imitation of that traditional nationalism, a sort of ersatz English patriotism that means little or nothing in political terms.
Anne cannot sleep because of the air raids, and they are eating terribly-dry bread and ersatz coffee for breakfast, spinach and rotten potatoes for dinner.
See they never had any coffee in Europe, it was what they call ersatz coffee, and this was made out of kind of charred acorns and they'd grind it up and that was their so-called coffee.
The object the drive excessively fixates upon, meanwhile, is in no sense an ersatz or secondary substitute for an impossible, unattainable object; for the drive, there is no ‘thing-in-itself’.
This is where Sancho knows his master has lost his marbles since he himself produced this ersatz Dulcinea.
If redwood is not an option where you live, use similarly rot-resistant eastern or western red cedar, inexpensive hemlock, or consider the ersatz wood planks made of recycled plastic.
In short, the market is divided into real surplus, ersatz surplus, and newly manufactured ammunition and components.
Burns was lamenting within his own lifetime a host of ersatz imitators of his achievement.